New Blog Section | Our Whittle Life | May Half term week

I know my blog is all about make up and beauty, but I have been thinking for a little while to add a new section. Not just because I am very proud of my little family and want to share our tales, memories, struggles and woes , but because I think it would be a good way of keeping those fabulous memoirs. It may interest some of you, and may not interest others. This isn’t going to be parenting advice blog (heck, I could do with some of that myself!) but just a collection of stories about my life and my family.

The urge to do this section grew a bit stronger after having such a lovely time during the half term with my eldest son Z, aged 4.  I hear and see so often “Oh no, its half term can’t wait for it to be over!” , or “yay, skipping to the school gates this morning to drop my sprogs off!”. Now don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than a break from the children, well from life in general, sometimes I feel desperate for it but my favourite thing of all time is our family time.

My boys have both been in full time nursery since they were 9 months old, but when Z was 3, we moved him to a pre-school due to our circumstances at the time. The positive was that it was cheaper than a full time day nursery place plus the educational opportunities for him within a school setting were much greater, the negatives were the school hours and 13 weeks school holidays to cover which as full time working parents is something that really daunted me and made me feel anxious.

Anyway, things work out don’t they and we manage the school holidays pretty well although we haven’t had to do the six week-er yet!

This half term, we had the bank holiday and I had a further 3 days off with my biggest boy and my husband had 2 days off.

I felt really excited to get some family time, but also some one to one time with my baby too.

I have not been at my best lately , parenting – wise as I have been poorly and stressed the last few weeks and my patience has been very thin on the ground. Totally my problem , not theirs. I think I almost saw this last week as an opportunity to make it up, and I hope that’s what I did.

We generally live our life to a budget, and half term was no exception so we tried to do things that were free or cheap!

We had visits from family, and zachary loves nothing more than a good old rampage with his cousins. He is lucky to have plenty of cousins of varying ages.

We have a little farm shop just a ten minute walk where we took my sister in law and her two children to, while the men chopped down a tree! We had the pleasure of a little bit of sunshine, spectacular views and lots of giggles – oh and sticky toffee pudding flavoured ice cream!

We had a trip to the local zoo as a family of four, we are regular visitors to Blackpool Zoo as we hold annual passes and the children never seem to get bored despite knowing their way around with their eyes closed!
The best part was catching the red arrows air show whilst watching the sea lion show!




We always take a picnic so the day costs nothing because of our annual passes only diesel money and it is always a winner with the boys!

Another day, whilst littlest Whittle was in nursery and daddy was at work Z and I went to a “Bubble and Bounce” event at Guys Thatched Hamlet. Always a winner, £5 for 45 minutes bouncing , rides, jumping , running and generally giddy antics. Not too bad if you only have one of two kids but more would add up quite steep! We went with my sister and her daughter and they had a great time, despite the chilly weather and the not so great pub grub!

We also took the opportunity mid week to catch up with some of Z ‘ s very best friends from where we used to live. Z hadn’t seen his friends for a good few months and he was worried he might be shy, but 5 seconds in it was like they had never been away. That’s what friendships are made of! Z ‘ s friends mum was so kind to put lunch on for us too which was lovely and gave us a great idea for another cheap day out which was a trip to the Manchester Airport Visitor Centre where the Concorde is on display. We gazed the beast of an aeroplane through the window but didn’t go in. You can look around the Concorde for £5 per person. The centre itself is free, apart from parking charges if you drive there which is £3 per hour. I was absolutely amazed by this place that I never knew was even available. It backed right onto the runway and we must have watched around 30 planes coming in and going out including great big jets! Z was in his element, watching the planes roaring in and out – guessing where they were arriving from and departing to, playing on the outdoor play area, seeing the bouncy castles and eating ice cream from the ice cream man! We took a picnic to keep costs down, and apart from a slight chill in the air it was great. We will definitely be returning with master T when the sun comes out to play and Z has announced that was his favourite day!


The next day saw a glum Kim return to work, with the saving grace being that daddy and Z got some special time too. They had a trip to the swimming baths (something we are battling through at the moment) and a fun trip on the bus which is a novelty for Z as we usually drive everywhere. Daddy also took both boys to the cinema on the Saturday morning to watch Dino Time during kids hour which cost just £1.80 per person which is great considering how much a usual trip to the cinema costs! He had a great time with Daddy and they did the same again yesterday with another trip to the baths and a super excited Z requesting a baguette for his lunch, so he had a trip to the best butty shop in town! It’s the small things eh.

After a fabulous week with my biggest boy, it has made me desire a little bit of one to one time with my littlest boy which I hope to get soon.

This half term has made me feel even more ready to tackle the big six weeks break which will be a mixture of holiday club, family support, annual leave and so on, but bring it on – we are ready!