Benefit Box O’ Powders | Which would you choose?

Benefit Box O’Powders have been available for many years – some colours have been and gone, and some have been keepers. I have collected pretty much of all them and I want to share of my favourites.


Benefit Box O’Powders – (Top L-R) Georgia, Rockateur, Thrrrob, (Middle L-R) Hervana, Dandelion, Hoola, (Bottom L-R) Coralista, Dallas and Bella Bamba

Benefit Rockateur, Dallas, Hoola (£23.50)

All Box O’Powders are around 3 x 3 inch and are priced at £23.50. Typically, they have been in cardboard square packaging but with the introduction of the Majorette shade in its beautiful vintage packaging (not pictured) it seems Benefit are branching out. They all come with the usual super cool Benefit-esque packaging which is recognisable anywhere. In the past, the lid of the powders have been separate from the main body but in the last two years or so this has been updated to include a hinged lid with an internal mirror. All Box O’Powders include a plastic protector which incorporates the Benefit Blush brush which has not changed in many years.

I have separated the nine shades into groups of three.

With Summer supposedly being on it’s way, we all need a splash on sunshine so I will start with the bronze/summer collection.


Benefit Rockateur, Dallas and Hoola (£23.50)

Rockateur is a glamorous evening blush/bronzer with tones of deep rose gold sure to give anyone’s cheeks the wow factor. The powder is shaped with a rocky effect to go with its name sake. I usually wear this for a night out or when I am after a more intense make up look as opposed to a natural look.


Benefit Rockateur

Next we have Hoola, which is Benefit’s best selling bronzer and the claim the UK’s number 1 selling bronzer.


Benefit Hoola

This is a really soft bronzer which when swept over the apples of the cheeks and forehead, gives a gorgeous natural glow. Due to the fact it is matte and shimmer free, it also makes the perfect contouring powder! Win-Win. This is gorgeous over Bene-tint which gives a beautiful natural looking rose glow. Benefit are currently offering personalised Hoola’s , where the deep purple box and the blush brush is personalised for an extra £5. I need one.

The final one in the bronzey trio is Dallas.


Benefit Dallas


The box is decorated with a silhouette of a cowgirl riding a horse – very Dallas! This powder claims to make the wearer looking younger and more vibrant! It is a lush plum toned bronzer which transfers so natural looking on to the skin. If I am honest, it is one of the powders I reach for the least but I am going to use it more now that I have dug it out.

The next trio we have is pink -purple summer powders with Hervana, Coralista and Bella Bamba.


Benefit Coralista, Hervana and Bella Bamba

Coralista is a gorgeous Coral-pink blush which will instantly enhance any skin tone. I sometimes wear this over posie tint which gives another dimension to this gorgeous tropical blush.


Benefit Hervana

Hervana, Good Karma is a gorgeous set of four complimentary shades in Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose & Berry Delight – blend together perfectly for a beautiful pinky-purple toned blush. Just perfect for a spring -summer look.

Next we have a bright, 3D Powder in Bella Bamba.


Benefit Bella Bamba

This is a watermelon pink powder perfect for a girl’s night out. With subtle gold shimmer throughout this powder , it adds that extra pazzaz to your made up look. This is not one for a natural look!

Our final trio includes Dandelion, Georgia and Thrrrob.


Benefit Dandelion, Georgia and Thrrrob

Dandelion is a delicate pink which adds the perfect radiance your face. I usually reach for this when I feeling a bit dull and want to just a bit of something without too much colour. It is great over posie-tint cheek stain too.


Benefit Dandelion

Next we have Thrrrob, another cool pink which adds a lovely flush to any look. Great for spring for a more natural look.


Benefit Thrrrob

There really is not much difference between Dandelion and Thrrrob to be honest, you can see Thrrrob is just ever s slightly paler.

My final Box O’powder is Georgia.


Benefit Georgia

This is a beautiful peach cheek colour which adds that bit of sunshine to your day – great for this unpredictable English weather! This is a really subtle colour but I love it particularly over a highlighter like That Gal.

Some may say £23.50 is pricey for a Blusher but all I can say is that they last a long time.

Hope you found this useful, and thanks for reading 🙂

Please come back soon,


Kimberley X