30 Day Blog Challenge | Collection #FaceTheDay #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro and Illuminating Touch Foundation

Who doesn’t love a Boots 3 for 2 special! I just can’t help myself and there are so many products to choose from as the offer is across a wide range of fab beauty products. I was tempted by the Real techniques Bold Metals brushes but my budget did not suffice. I decided to give “Collection” a try as there is no better time than when you can bag your self something for free.


Collection #FaceTheDay #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro and Illuminating Touch in Cool Beige

I picked the #FaceTheDay palette which is a great little palette designed to take you from day to night and has all the bare essentials for eyes and cheeks. This is priced at a reasonable £6.99 and included in the palette is a highlighter, blusher, bronzer and four neutral eye shadows.


Collection #FaceTheDay


Collection #FaceTheDay Highlighter, Bronzer, Eye Shadows 1 and 2.


Collection #FacetheDay Blusher and eye shadows 3 and 4.

On the back of the packaging are step by step instructions of how to get the best out of the palette for instance to use the highlighter shade under brows and in the inner corner of the eye. I have used this palette a couple of times now, I find a good every day palette especially for work and I could take it to work with me to top or add a little more definition for after works drinks. The shades in the palette are suitable for almost any body also which is another winning  factor. This palette would be a great gift for a student or teenage girl also.

Next up I chose the #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro palette (£5.99). This a palette consisting of 8 bendable cream concealers/highlighters/colour correctors.


Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro

The aim of the palette is in the title of course. As with the #FaceTheDay palette, the back of the case provides a handy little guide on what each shade is best used for. The four left colours are all concealers which can be blended together to create the perfect shade to suite your needs. On the right of the palette is a highlighter, yellow corrector, green corrector and a purple corrector.


Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro concealer, concealer, highlighter and yellow corrector


Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro concealer, concealer, green corrector and purple corrector.

The concealers and highlighters are self explanatory I guess. The coloured creams can be where it gets a little complicated but just follow the guide on the back and you cannot really go wrong. The yellow corrector is to brighten a dark under eye area. I would also use it as an eye primer if you suffer with red lids, like I do. A green corrector neutralises redness/rosy completion so this can used in the cheeks or around the nose. The purple corrector helps to banish dullness in the skin by counteracting yellowy tones. It is really important to use a good blending technique to make sure you don’t walk round like you have not washed your face paint off correctly!!

I thought it was only right to follow this with a foundation so I chose the Collection Illuminating Touch in Cool Beige.


Collection Illuminating Touch in Cool Beige

This is usually a little darker than I would usually go for, but the paler tones were a little too pale for me. This foundation retails at £5.99 and I have to admit, I am not sure why but I did not hold out high hopes for this. I am really pleasantly surprised with the coverage and quality of this foundation. It blends well, when using a good buffing technique and a good buffing brush like the Zoeva Buffer Brush which is currently my favourite buffer.


Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation in Cool Beige

You can see the foundation is nice and creamy and this provides a nice medium coverage. It does a slight illumination to the face which lifts the skin in these dull winter months. I would say £5.99 well spent (or free as my third item!). It is my current go to foundation for work.

The 3 for 2 offer on Boots can be used across many selected brands so you do not have to choose 3 items from the same brand.

I am really impressed with these purchases from Collection and will be delving a little more into their range and trying a few more things.

Have you ever tried collection? What is your favourite Collection product?


Thanks for coming back.

I have a high end illuminator for you tomorrow which is just gorgeous 🙂


Kim xx